Here's what people are saying about their experiences with Roof Maxx:

John was very friendly and professional. He responded right away and got the job finished timely! Thank you. I would definitely recommend to friends and family.

Anna Johnson

We watched the videos and learned about the system and that it was eco friendly, affordable and lasts 5 years. Don Wylie did an excellent job sealing, dissolving bacteria and installing Roof Max treatment and explaining everything in the process. Don was personable in everything he did, thank you it was a very good experience.

Gene Powelson

Cheston was very informative about the product and how it works to preserve the shingles on my roof. He was real safe and took care of everything below not to cause any damage. I am very happy with the outcome, great job Cheston. Aloha.

Ray Clarke

They gave me the price and were able to book an appointment quickly. They came and sprayed the roof and cleaned the gutters!! They even cleaned up the mess when they were done.

Jacque Woody

The crew did an outstanding job. When the owner of the company comes out, to make sure the Customer is satisfied, then goes out and spends extra money, to rid your bee problem up in the ridge vents. That's customer service. I would highly recommend this company and crew.


Gregory Hubert

Fast and courteous! Very good attention to minor repairs before restoration process. Our roof was 15 years old, so close to expected life. A few cracks and rippling with 2 tiles flipped up. Check back in 5 years to see good it was!

Ed Prentice

Outstanding service and great value. Saved several thousand $$$ treating my roof vs replacing it.
Thank you for the exceptional service and quality work.

Greg R

I can't say enough good things about Caleb with roofmaxx. He was very easy to communicate with and answered my questions in a clear and straightforward manner. Scheduling was easy and our initial results look great. He even took the time to tidy my front porch after a critter had made a mess out of one of my planters. Time will tell about the actual roofmaxx product, but service with Caleb can't be beat.

Elisa Skadahl-Kurt

AJ was prompt, polite and gave me his honesty assessment on the condition of my roof. He explained the product and what it could do to extend the life without any sales pressure. I will definitely be using this service in the future!

Larry Gibson

Roof Maxx. Scott is a wonderful , thoughtful and conscientious Dealer. He is truly professional. He fixed our roof problems and gave it a treatment. Our roof is 15 years old and black, Roof looks almost new. We are glad we had it done. Thanks again.

Roger Wright

They were honest when they inspected my roof. Told me that my roof just needs cleaned of some moss and the shingles looked fine. No Roof Max needed at this time but I will keep them in mind and let my friends know. Thanks again!!

Chuck Jenkins

Roofmaxx was prompt and professional. They came out quickly and got the job done within one week! I give them a 10 out of 10.

Cynthia Prejean

Nick just finished applying the treatment to our roof, which looks great. Before making the Roof Maxx decision, I thoroughly reviewed the process and the testing results for treated and non-treated asphalt shingles. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with the technology nor Roof Maxx. As with any business, it is the Owner who sets the standards. I was genuinely impressed with Nick, Roof Max, and most importantly, the service.

Vic Parrish

Brian is very easy to work with and knows the best for your roof! He initiated repairs beyond the estimated cost and fixes them. Will highly recommend Knox Restoration LLC for any qualifying Roof Maxx out there.

Jack Willis

The price was great! Low cost, great service. Great people to work with. Roof fixed in minimal amount of time. Would recommend them versus having roof replaced! Thank you ROOFMAX!!

Pam Martin

I am very pleased with my Roof Max experience. The technicians especially Andrew the lead tech, explained each step of the process. My chimney flashings and all other flashing was resealed and everything was completed and cleared in a couple of hours. I got what I needed for much much less that other companies had estimated. Thank you so much.

Olivia Hardison

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