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I thoroughly enjoyed all my interactions with Roof Maxx. When doing an assessment of my roof, Ed didn't try to sell. He explained the benefits of the service and clearly articulated what type of roof Roof Maxx can coat. Once he was on site, he was meticulous in cleaning before and after the coating work. He was careful to protect my solar panels from the coating. Roof Maxx communicated his arrival times via VM and text. The roof looks great and is guaranteed for 5 years. Aging asphalt shingles roofs: this is the product to make you feel youthful again! Ed even made our top-hats look new.

Eli Sheynin

We watched the videos and learned about the system and that it was eco friendly, affordable and lasts 5 years. We contracted Chad and got an appointment within a week. He gave us an evaluation and estimate quickly. Chad was courteous, patient with our questions and explained the process completely. He took photos along the way to document damage we had and the repairs he made. We had 2 structures treated and he was done in approximately 2 hours. He took care to wash off plants and our deck after the treatment. I appreciate the attention to detail!

Juli McLain

Explanation of what was done with pictures of the roof!! 5 year warranty from any leaks ! Jason was very polite & professional from start to end! Reminded me of one of my grandsons!!

Shirley Rupert

What a great investment to extend the life of a roof! Kudos for the service and the warranty. Would absolutely recommend it. Itโ€™s a no-brainer.

Bonner Davis

Troy did a excellent job on my roof. And I was very impressed not only with the work done but how Troy went out of his way to make sure the job was done.right. The roof looks great. Can't be more pleased. Highly recommend this company for your roof repairs.

Gary Cryder

Jason is a very personable and professional worker. On time and done faster then i thought it would take. Fixed a few problems i had on my garage and sprayed the roof. Highly recommend!!!!

Rich Yonlisky

From the very first interaction with this company I was impressed. They are professional and pleasant and take great pride in the product and the services they provide. They respected my home and property during the estimate and the services provided! We were impressed with the product being safe and food grade quality that didn't harm our pets (especially our koi pond). I will brag on this company until they give me reason not to! With a 5 year guarantee on my roof, I will edit this review if needed, but I doubt that I will have to!

Tracy Masters

Well worth the expense. Roofmax cleaned off years of algae growth on 10 of our cabin roofs. Patched up holes and did repairs before final treatment. Then after final treatment provided a 5 year guarantee. This company was worth every penny. Before you replace your roof do yourself a favor and consult Roofmax first.

Windwood Park

From beginning to end everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable. We appreciate the way that everyone worked with us to make this improvement to our home. The roof looks wonderful and itโ€™s so good to feel confidence in the people that are working on your home.

Sandra Albom

The representatives were very professional, courteous and thorough in applying the treatment. The roof looks great. We r very pleased with the results.

Patricia Dixon

Roof Max treated our roof, they did a fantastic job and it will protect our roof just like new. Alyssa and Kip were very thorough, they explained everything to us, inspected our roof and then treated it. They were so professional, courteous and friendly, I would reccomend them to Anyone who want to Xtend the life of your roof. Thank you Roof Max.๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿฆ‹๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ A+A+

Linda Robinson

I purchased Roof Maxx and they have fulfilled every promise given to me. Troy MacDonald has been professional and courteous when I first dealt with him and continues to be if I have any questions or concerns. Glad I made the decision to procure Roof Maxx services and I believe you will as well.

Jon Bodnar

I learned of Roof Maxx after receiving an unaffordable estimate to replace my roof. I called Richard, the local rep, and he spent time explaining the process, how it works, and referring me to research to learn more. I could get at least five more years of life from my roof for a fraction of the replacement cost. I agreed and am glad I did. Richard cared about what I needed and wanted, and I believe Roof Maxx has delivered.

Linda Yule

I cannot thank Jeff and his helper enough for saving my roof! Not only does the Roof look great.....they went above and beyond....they even sawed down my trees that were too close to the roof! Very efficient, very accomdating ..wonderful guys that make my roof sparkle!! I highly recommend that you check out ROOF RESCUE...extend the life of your roof. Come take a look at mine, 5 years of not worrying about my roof!! Thank you, so very much, Jeff!!!

Karen Asche

Decided to give RoofMaxx a try to preserve my roof for another 5 years โ€ฆ. Both Lance and Todd were very courteous and professional and answered all my questions โ€ฆ. Overall was a great experience and would recommend their services in the Houston area.

Edward ODonnell

Friendly workers and work is fast. Arrived early for appointment. Strongly recommend this service. Gave good information on product before work started.y roof is 20 years old and this is warrantees to make it at least 5 years.

James Dollins

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